Top Social Media Tools For Business

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

These are some of the top social tools that I would recommend small business use to capitalise on the increased number of consumers that are now using the internet in the search for information. This could be from where to buy a car to what café to go to for breakfast.


I will make a point of saying that not all these tools and tricks will work for every business but if you think it might I recommend giving it a crack, you never know it could be just the kick start your business needed.


The first thing has to be a Facebook page. Facebook now has 1.15 billion active users every month. This means that for most businesses there will be some of your desired consumers using this medium. It is not only enough just to start a page though, you need to be an active user. I recommend at least one post per week to keep up momentum and keep customers interested. Also HAVE A GOAL! Are you trying to drive traffic to you web page, generate sales leads or just communicate with your consumers? This is important throughout all marketing but especially for social media where you can easily lose your way.


Secondly, YouTube is a great social media tool. If you are a product based business you can put a demonstration of how your product works on YouTube and with testimonials for customers. This gives the customer a real idea of what the special benefits of you product are, they can imagine themselves using it and push that latent consumer want to a need. For more helpful tip on YouTube, link here.  


The third tip is to establish a LinkedIn page. If you don’t know about LinkedIn it 

is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. It is often used for networking. If Facebook is the more casual page then LinkedIn is the professional. This is a great tool for showing what you have done in the past and also for networking within your industry and with potential clients. For some helpful tips link here.


The final tip for small business is Google Adwords, this is the tool where you can capitalise on Google search results. You bid on keywords and if they are searched a link to you web page will come up on the search page in the form of an ad. This is a great tool for small business to capitalise on the use of the internet with a small investment through their pay-per-click scheme. Google is the most used search engine in the world so this is a great way to help you customers find you.


These are some tips I have for business to grow online, good luck and I hope it works!!

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