Lets get social sorted.

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Engagement with social media channels is popular and is getting more and more common amongst many different audiences. In the USA 85% of adults (18 and over) are online and of that 72% of American adults use social networking sites. This illustrates to me that there are many different target markets and customers this is where you customers are. Now the challenge is to decide which social media tools are the most relevant for your business and will most effectively reach your target audience.


Social media and digital marketing are not just new channels with which to acquire new customers they are also an effective tool for engaging with and maintaining relationships with existing customers. “People “LIKE” what they actually like”.


To be successful with your social media it is not about making a Facebook page then waiting for the sales to come rolling in. To be successful in social media you must have a continual presence. This means posting on multiple forums and pages many times each week. For your social media to be successful you need to have a real and active presence with relevant and interesting content for your target audience.


Facebook does not equal Social media! I think many small to medium business fall into this trap sometimes. Facebook can be completely unrelated to your target market. There may be a more targeted site or forum where relevant parties can meet and discuss opinions and this is where you could generate sales leads. So choose wisely, maybe Facebook isn’t for you. A good place to start is to think about what type of information you customers are looking for, that is, visual or image related content or specifications or written materials. Many different social media channels exist to serve each of these functions, for example, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest, Youtube and blogs.


For more hints and tips visit this site and good luck on the virtual highway. 


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