Effective Email marKeting

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Effective email marketing!

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of marketing in the digital space. Some companies have even reported a 119% ROI (return on investment) from email marketing campaigns. To ensure you get the most out of your marketing here are some effective tricks and tips to make your email marketing initiatives more effective.

Tip 1: This article suggests using interactive tools to make your marketing more effective. This could include innovative features added to a company’s newsletter send outs.  One example of this is the NFL newsletter that now includes game countdowns for your favourite team and a poll to see who will win. This gets customers involved in the game and excited about it not just reading text. This instantly resulted in a 121% increase in open rate.


Tip 2: Win back the old flame: This tip is about making your email as beautiful and as interesting as possible so you customers look forward to opening it each time they receive it. Gone are the days where black and white text and one picture will satisfy your customer. People want rich media, video, colour and design. This is relatively easy to do and could be as easy as hiring a graphic designer to help out and can make the world of difference. Travelocity (a travel company) redesigned their emails and increased ROI more than 100% from previous efforts.


Tip 3: Spread like wildfire: Before the ‘like’ button there was the ‘forward’ button where any interesting, funny or clever emails would be forwarded to everybody’s friends and their friend’s friends. The idea is then to create a fun game or some interesting and relevant content that people will want to share. Through this digital sharing your brand message will spread through increased reach and your brand awareness will grow!


Tip 4: Personalise: Generic emails are a thing of the past. Personalised mail, that speaks directly to customers through the inclusion of customer’s names and the adoption of gender specific imagery and messaging all help to create relevancy for consumers and a feeling of familiarisation with your brand and message. This relates to another tip – only email when you have something to say! If you have a personalised email with something interesting and relevant to say chances are it will be opened and read.


These are some tips for creating effective email marketing now get out there and start creating!!!

  1. Nice and clear, easy to understand tips. Thanks for sharing

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