All my friends don’t have a facebook!!

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

This article is by a teen in New York who explains that most of their friends don’t have Facebook. To me this seems Ludacris. At 13 all of my friend’s had a Facebook account. On reflection though it has made me question that just because Facebook was the first widely popular social media site (it has a record of 1.11 billion people using the site each month) does not mean it will endure and retain its position given the many new technologies and applications of social media entering the market . This leads me to my next question – what will be the next big thing to blow up in the social media space? There have been some new or emerging players such as Tumblr, which I am a massive fan of, and Instagram and there is many others that I’m sure I am not even aware of, but nothing with such a resounding success as Facebook. Yet. Many older people or consumers better with more traditional communication mediums are perhaps only now even getting their heads around the idea of social media and online networking with sites such as Facebook. However in the constantly changing space of social media, new technologies and applications are evolving so quickly that even with those that grew up in the digital era may be finding it difficult to keep up. In my opinion I do not believe that marketers should just up and move onto the next big thing, leaving ‘old’ technologies behind because as discussed not all consumers are moving at the same pace. As such there is still an audience for and reason to use Facebook as a marketing medium solely due to the number of users that it has and its attraction across many different demographics. In addition, I do believe that our role as marketers is also to be monitoring and forecasting future trends, looking at what the next big thing in digital marketing might be and not just focusing on the tools we have at our disposal currently.


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